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The “Repeat” button on Tadhana

I am again in this trance when I am into a song that I just heard and then I suddenly fall in love with it. Call me a late bloomer or musically out of touch but I have just been introduced to the song “Tadhana” by Up Dharma Down and all of you who love the song too might just be asking,” where the hell have I been?”. Yes, yes I may have been stuck in some alternate universe just getting into the Tadhana bandwagon just now but I am sure glad I have the repeat button within my reach. Just perfect in time with my acquaintance with this song. I think some of you, like me feel that there will always be that song which whenever we hear it, we say, “that song was written for me”.  Sometimes the feeling that brings is one that is tingly or one that makes someone do this what I call one-side-only-lip-smile but sometimes there will just be that feeling of “that song is me, again” (enter scene Debbie Downer).  And don’t get me wrong, I do love the song it’s just that I can relate to its ” I like you but I can’t tell you and I am not quite sure if you will like me too but I am happy fate brought us to each other” – future uncertain theme. And that honestly sucks.  But unsurprisingly despite the feeling the song makes me feel I still have the repeat button at the click of my fingertips. Me singing earnestly lyric by lyric hoping eventually to convince myself that the song brings happy ending after all and then the song can take me with it. And I am this way not because I have lost the inability to differentiate what feels good from what hurts but sometimes we will take anything just to hold on to that person we will never have, may that be a hopeless hair strand connection.  Please allow me to share my favorite part of the song:

“Ba’t di pa sabihin ang hindi mo maamin, ipa-uubaya na lang ba ‘to sa hanging, huwag mong ikatakot ang bulong ng damdamin mo, naririto ako at nakikinig sayo…”

This song has been added to my list of repeaters, congratulations.

By the way, thank you to Armi of Up Dharma Down for bringing me to WordPress.  I have read her blogs here and here I am trying to blog my own.







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